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2020 Election Kentucky

See which Gun Sense Candidates won in 2020 and learn about Kentucky's voting dates and rules.

Victories in Kentucky

Select a position to see which Gun Sense Candidates have won.

U.S. House of Representatives

  • John Yarmuth (3)

Kentucky State House of Representatives

  • Tina Bojanowski (32)
  • Nima Kulkarni (40)
  • Josie Raymond (31)
  • Pamela Stevenson (43)
  • Lisa Wilner (35)

All Gun Sense Candidate Wins in Kentucky

U.S House of Representatives

  • John Yarmuth (3)

State House of Representatives

  • Tina Bojanowski (32)
  • Nima Kulkarni (40)
  • Josie Raymond (31)
  • Pamela Stevenson (43)
  • Lisa Wilner (35)

Early Voting In-Person Dates in {{ }}
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Early voting starts
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Early voting ends

Learn more about your voting options in {{}} at the state’s official election website.

Vote by Mail Dates in {{ }}
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Ballot request deadline (online)
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Ballot request deadline (by mail)
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Ballot request deadline (in-person)
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Completed ballot deadline to return (by mail)
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Completed ballot deadline to return (in-person)

{{vote_america_state_info.fields._vbm_absentee_ballot_rules.text |findReplace('*', '')}} Learn more about vote by mail on {{ }}'s official website.

Voter Registration Dates in {{ }}
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Online deadline
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_registration_deadline_by_mail.text|firstLetterToUpercase }}
By mail deadline
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_registration_deadline_in_person.text|findReplace('postmarked by', '')|firstLetterToUpercase }}
In-person deadline

{{vote_america_state_info.fields._registration_rules.text |findReplace('*', '')}}.

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