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Every state has unique laws around registration and voting. To make sure you are ready to vote, learn more about Colorado's key voting dates and rules.

Vote by Mail Dates in {{ }}
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Ballot request deadline (online)
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_vbm_request_deadline_by_mail.text|firstLetterToUpercase }}
Ballot request deadline (by mail)
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_vbm_request_deadline_by_in_person.text|findReplace('postmarked by', '')|firstLetterToUpercase }}
Ballot request deadline (in-person)
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Completed ballot deadline to return (by mail)
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_ballot_return_deadline_in_person.text|firstLetterToUpercase }}
Completed ballot deadline to return (in-person)

{{vote_america_state_info.fields._vbm_absentee_ballot_rules.text |findReplace('*', '')}} Learn more about vote by mail on {{ }}'s official website.

Voter Registration Dates in {{ }}
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Online deadline
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_registration_deadline_by_mail.text|firstLetterToUpercase }}
By mail deadline
{{ vote_america_state_info.fields._2020_registration_deadline_in_person.text|findReplace('postmarked by', '')|firstLetterToUpercase }}
In-person deadline

{{vote_america_state_info.fields._registration_rules.text |findReplace('*', '')}}.

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Your vote is important. Casting your ballot is the most important thing you can do to elect Gun Sense Candidates. Find out what you can do to vote in 2020's election.

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