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2023 Endorsed Candidates

These candidates have received endorsements from Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.

* denotes candidates who are Moms Demand Action or Students Demand Action volunteers

  • Anna Strong, Little Rock Board of Education, Zone 5
  • Vicki Hatter, Little Rock Board of Education, Zone 6*
  • Guyleen Castriotta, Mayor of Broomfield*
  • Juan Marcano, Mayor of Aurora
  • Alison Coombs, Aurora City Council, At-large
  • Heidi Henkel, Broomfield City Council, Ward 5
  • Dr. Thomas Mayes, Aurora City Council, At-large
  • Dr. Erin Barthel, Avon Town Council
  • Katie Flynn, Fairfield Board of Education*
  • Leslie Hotary, Salem Board of Selectmen*
  • Jimmy Hallyburton, Boise City Council
  • Jocelyn Vare, Fishers City Council*
  • Stephanie Crandall, Fort Wayne City Council, At-Large*
  • Emilie Hunt, Valparaiso City Council, At-Large*
  • Kristie Krone, City of Lawrence Common Council, District 6*
  • Alison Brown, Indianapolis City Council, District 10*
  • Kathy Parker, West Lafayette City Council, District 5*
  • Lisa Williams, Iowa City Community School District Board of Directors*
  • Julie Sayers, Mayor of Lenexa*
  • Claire Reagan, Olathe Unified School District 233, Member 4*
  • Bonnie Limbird, Prairie Village City Council, Ward 3*
  • Lauren Jewett, Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, District 1*
  • Lori Stone, Mayor of Warren*
  • Rebecca Cheezum, Royal Oak City Commissioner*
  • Rachel Blair, East Grand Rapids City Commission, Ward 3
  • Sarah Mikesell, Duluth School Board, District 2*
  • Isaac Russell, Saint Paul City Council, Ward 3*
  • Keri Johnson, St. Peter City Council, Ward 1*
  • Mia Olson, Bloomington School Board*
  • Cheryl Barry, Edina School Board
New Hampshire
  • Zandra Rice Hawkins, Concord City Council, Ward 10
  • Liz Boucher, Concord School Board Representative, Ward B*
  • Kate Cook, Portsmouth City Council*
New Jersey
  • Caren Fitzpatrick, New Jersey State Assembly, District 2*
  • Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, New Jersey State Assembly, District 15*
  • Baramdai Sharma, New Jersey State Assembly, District 24*
  • Christine Clarke, New Jersey State Senate, District 25*
  • Ryan Kennedy, Mayor of Hopewell Borough Council*
  • Marla Decker, Hoboken City Council, Ward 2*
  • Sandi Mayer, Morristown City Council, Ward 4*
  • Heidi Wilenius, Hopewell Town Council*
  • Mercedes Aguirre, Wayne Town Council, Ward 4*
  • Kathleen Dolan, New Providence Borough Council*
  • Robert Challender, Tuckerton Borough Council*
  • Diane Scarangella, Leonia Town Council*
  • Irene Sergonis, Mount Olive Town Council*
  • Christine McGrath, Verona Town Council*
  • Lucylle R.S. Walter, Mercer County Commissioner*
New York
  • Dustin Reidy, Albany County Legislature, 30th District*
  • Ruth Walter, Westchester County Legislature, 15th District*
  • Monica Ferguson, Clarkstown Town Council, Ward 1*
  • Jared Behr, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor*
  • Jennifer Klein, New Castle Town Board Member*
  • Chrissy Knapp, Orangetown Town Board*
  • Beth Davidson, Rockland County Legislature, District 10*
  • Eve Krief, Suffolk County Legislature, District 18*
  • Erika Pierce, Westchester County Legislature, District 2*
  • Vedat Gashi, Westchester County Legislature, District 4*
  • Kenya Gadsden, Dutchess County Clerk*
North Carolina
  • Christy Clark, Mayor of Huntersville*
  • Shamaiye Haynes, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, At-large*
  • Renuka Soll, Chapel Hill Town Council*
  • Frank Whitfield, Mayor of Elyria*
  • Adrienne Hood, Columbus City Council, District 4*
  • Laura Mullen, Brunswick City School Board*
  • Anna Albi, Cincinnati City Council*
  • David Grimes, Westerville City Council*
  • Monica Wilson, Parma City Council, Ward 1*
  • Sheena Barnes, Toledo Public Schools Board of Education, At-Large*
  • Louise Valentine, Westerville City School District Board of Education, At-large*
  • Lindsey Wyckoff, North Canton City School District Board of Education*
  • Nabila Babar, Deerfield Township Trustee*
  • Janet Garrett, Oberlin Board of Education
  • Sarah Finger McDonald, Corvallis School Board, Position 7*
  • Paul Kemp, North Clackamas School District, Position 1*
  • April Dobson, North Clackamas School District, Position 7*
  • Amy Sarno, Allegheny Valley School District, School Director*
  • Jenna Paulat, Avonworth School District, School Director*
  • Deanna Philpott, North Hills School Board, At-Large*
  • Anne Demo, State College Area School District Board*
  • Jennifer Beuse, Pine-Richland School District, Region 3*
  • Cynthia Wingenroth, Warwick School Board Director*
Rhode Island
  • Gabe Amo, US Representative, RI-01
  • Jerri Green, Memphis City Council, District 2*
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg, Virginia State Senate, District 16
  • Clinton Jenkins, Virginia State Senate, District 17
  • Victoria Luevanos, Virginia State Senate, District 20*
  • Aaron Rouse, Virginia State Senate, District 22
  • Monty Mason, Virginia State Senate, District 24
  • Joel Griffin, Virginia State Senate, District 27
  • Danica Roem, Virginia State Senate, District 30
  • Russet Perry, Virginia State Senate, District 31
  • Karen Keys-Gamarra, Virginia State House, District 7*
  • Laura Cohen, Virginia State House, District 15*
  • Rozia Henson, Virginia State House, District 19*
  • Josh Thomas, Virginia State House, District 21
  • Travis Nembhard, Virginia State House, District 22
  • Kannan Srinivasan, Virginia State House, District 26*
  • Atoosa Reaser, Virginia State House, District 27*
  • Fernando “Marty” Martinez, Virginia State House, District 29*
  • Rob Banse, Virginia State House, District 30
  • Jennifer Woofter, Virginia State House, District 52*
  • Amy Laufer, Virginia State House, District 55*
  • Susanna Gibson, Virginia State House, District 57*
  • Rodney Willett, Virginia State House, District 58
  • Joshua Cole, Virginia State House, District 65*
  • Shelly Simonds, Virginia State House, District 70*
  • Kimberly Pope Adams, Virginia State House, District 82
  • Nadarius Clark, Virginia State House, District 84
  • Jarris Taylor, Virginia State House, District 86*
  • Don Scott, Virginia State House, District 88
  • Karen Jenkins, Virginia State House, District 89
  • Jeremy Rodden, Virginia State House, District 90*
  • Phil Hernandez, Virginia State House, District 94
  • Michael Feggans, Virginia State House, District 97
  • Jessica Schneider, Chesterfield County Supervisor, Clover Hill District*
  • Juli Briskman, Loudoun County Supervisor, Algonkian District*
  • Sylvia Glass, Loudoun County Supervisor, Broad Run District*
  • Puja Khanna, Loudoun County Supervisor, Dulles District*
  • Laura TeKrony, Loudoun County Supervisor, Little River District*
  • April Chandler, Loudoun County School Board, Algonkian District*
  • Anne Donohue, Loudoun County School Board, At-Large*
  • Erika Ogedegbe, Loudoun County School Board, Leesburg District*
  • Kenny Boddye, Prince William County Supervisor, Occoquan District*
  • Deshundra Jefferson, Prince William County Supervisor, Chair*
  • Adele Jackson, Prince William County School Board, Brentsville District*
  • Shantell Rock, Prince William County School Board, Woodbridge District*
  • Dalila Johnson, York County Supervisor, District 2
  • Lindsey Dougherty, Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, Bermuda District
  • Kim Monroe Bass, Mayor of Renton*
  • Pam Stuart, Sammamish City Council, Position 6*
  • Cathy Moore, Seattle City Council, District 5*
  • Ashley Brooks, Yelm City Council, District 6*
  • Doris McConnell, Shoreline City Council, Position 4
  • Leah Perkel, Vancouver City Council, Position 6


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