Ten Questions America's Voters Deserve Answers To:
The Gun Sense Voter 2014 Federal Candidate Questionnaire

About this Questionnaire

Questionnaire Cover

Every day, 86 Americans die by gunfire. That’s why the Gun Sense Voter Project is asking all federal candidates to complete this brief questionnaire. We are working to support candidates who will vote for common-sense laws to reduce gun violence. Using this questionnaire and the candidate’s past history on gun issues, we will make determinations that will help Gun Sense Voters decide where candidates stand. Opposing a gun safety policy in this questionnaire will not necessarily be considered a statement against gun sense – that’s why we ask candidates to explain their positions if they choose.

Download the questionnaire (PDF).


Take the Questionnaire

Unlike the NRA, we’re making our questionnaire available to the public. And we’re asking our supporters to take the questionnaire to see how easy it is for candidates to make their positions clear.

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